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    Thumbs up Benefits of MySQL and PHP

    Current website development relies more on open source to handle forms and back end things. Whether it is a e commerce website or a portal, certain level of technical handling is there from server side. Certain redirection, conditional surfing based on ip address of client, privilege approving and database integration all are done by a software bundle named LAMP. LAMP is a short notation of individual software such as Linux (OS), Apache HTTP server, MySQL (DBMS) and of course PHP.

    PHP has become one of widely used open source software product for developing hundreds of sites ranging from simple to complex one like WordPress. The P of LAMP may be sometimes replaced by another scripting language such as Perl or Python.

    Benefits of MySQL:

    Very low licensing cost
    Low hardware consumption
    Execute anything from data houses holding terabytes of data
    Ultra-fast loading
    Table and Index partitioning
    Master/Slave replication with high speed reconfiguration utility
    Multi-version Transaction support
    Highly robust
    Efficient query engine
    Secure encryption decryption functions
    Open source freedom

    Benefits of PHP:

    Easy to use
    Simplified task handling in heavy traffic sites
    Open source
    Low cost
    Being open source new functionality have been added consistently
    Simple coding style
    Highly functional to code simple to shopping cart projects
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    I also use PHP for my website. Recently came across a webpage that provided a good example that shows how to add SMS functionality to a PHP website (Google on: ozeki sms/279). In my opinion it is a good feature and hope you will find the shared information useful.


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