How to start your own steam group community page

To start a steam group community page you need to right click on the steam icon that's in the system tray ( next to the system clock on the lower right corner ) go up with your mouse and click on community. When the steam window opens you are going to be in your steam control panel. In the groups section you are going to see 2 tabs Overview and Groups. Click on the groups tab and right underneath you are going to see 2 links "Create a new group" and "Browse groups" click on "Create a new group" to create your steam group.

On the create a group page enter the required information about the steam group you want to create. The info required are group name, abbreviation ( initials ) of your group name and the link for your steam group page. The group link is usually the name of your steam group and it makes the url of your steam group for people to access through the internet.


The link for Noob Galore link is Steam Community :: Group :: Noob Galore

You don't have to use the same name as your group name you can use what ever name you like.

The last thing is to make your steam group either public or private. If you want it public so that anyone can join your steam group. You will need to checkmark the box or leave it blank to make it private. Making the steam group private either you or members will need to be invited other members to join your group.

Once you are done click on the Create button to finish creating your steam group.