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    Thumbs up How to Install Wordpress

    Mostly all web hosting services have the minimum requirements to run the wordpress software.

    PHP version 4.3 or greater
    MySQL version 4.1.2 or greater

    You need to download the .zip or .tar.gz package software to your desktop for easy access. Unzip the files ready to upload them to your web space.

    This “How to Guide” is for installing wordpress manually. You will need to create a MySQL User & Database so that wordpress can communicate with the database. Add the information ( Username, Database Name, Password, Hostname, Table Prefix ) to the file called “wp-config-sample.php” when done save it and rename the file to “wp-config.php”. ( Write down the db info you will need it later ) Now upload the files to the directory you want the blog. After the files are finish uploading open your web browser of choice to /wp-admin/install.php

    When you open /wp-admin/install.php you will begin the manual installation of the wordpress software.

    Click on the “Create a Configuration File” to continue to the next page.

    You will need the DB info you wrote down so that the installation can continue.

    Click on the “Let’s Go” button to add the db info.

    Database Name: Add the database name you created. This is usually the account name that was given to you by your web host ex… ACCOUNTNAME_ after that add the DBName to make it look like ACCOUNTNAME_DBNAME
    User Name: Add the name of the user you created for the username. Again add the ACCOUNTNAME_ after that add Username to make it look like ACCOUNTNAME_USERNAME
    Password: Add the password you created.
    Database Host: Localhost – Can be left alone.
    Table Prefix: wp_ – Can be left alone.

    When done click the “Submit” button to continue.

    If you click the submit button and you get an error page like the one above is most likely that you did not entered the correct username or password. Check the database information and the wp-config.php to make sure that you have the correct info.

    Then click the “Try Again” button to re-enter the DBInfo.

    Once you are done entering the correct DB information then you’re done.

    WordPress is now ready to communicate with the database.

    Click on the “Run the install” to continue.

    You need to give wordpress some information like “Blog Title, ( Admin ) Username, Password, Email Address”.

    Leave the checkmark in the box so that your blog appears in search engines.

    When you’re done adding the required info click on the “Install WordPress” button to continue.

    Congratulations you’re done with the installation.

    Click on the “Login” button to start blogging.

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    That's great, thank you!


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