How to Retrieve Deleted Files in Mac

When you delete a file, it does not mean it has vanished from the face of the earth forever. It is simply removed from the file directory in your folders. These deleted files are moved to the 'Trash' folder in your Mac. When you will open the Trash folder, you will still be able to see your files, safe and sound. So, how to retrieve deleted files in Mac trash? Simple, you can recover deleted files in Mac, by selecting the file, then right click on your mouse. You will get a Restore option, that you need to click on. Voila, your file will be restored back to their original folders. You can read some useful information in how to recover deleted files from recycle bin.

But, what if you have deleted or emptied you Recycle Bin/ Trash? Does this mean you can never recover deleted files in Mac OS X? No, there are slim changes that you will be able to retrieve deleted files in Mac with the help of data recovery techniques. These software tools know what they are looking for and may help in the recovery of deleted files in Mac. Let us have a look at the different ways of how to recover deleted files in Mac. Get some useful information on how to recover deleted files from SD card.

How to Recover Deleted Files in Mac

Are you are using an Apple computer with a Leopard OS that was purchased after November 2007? If yes, then you are a lucky chap, and you need to look into your utility folder. You will find a very important application called the Time Machine. This is a local Mac utility program that will help you with data recovery. All you need to do is go to your utility folder and open Time Machine. Then put in the required time information and travel back to time to the folder where your file was once present. Select the file and it will be replaced to its original folder. Sometimes, even the Backup folder may have your Mac files that have been accidentally deleted.

There are many third party software to recover deleted files in Mac OS X. You can download these applications that help in recovering what is lost from the recycle bin. This is because even after you empty your trash bin, the files remain in the system. Stop doing whatever you are doing on your Mac. As every minute and every hit of a button counts. The deleted files will remain in the system, till they are not over written by other files. You can use either of the following software tools that will help you recover deleted files in Mac:
  • Data Rescue 3
  • FileSalvage
  • RWMO Recover (Mac) Pro
  • MacKeeper
  • Stellar Mac Data Recover