Stratus Technology Services, LLC (STS) is a provider of innovative Information Technology services and solutions that are completely focused on client success. At STS it is our uncompromising commitment to extraordinary people implementing defined and proven processes and executing today's most urgent technology that allows for the delivery of the right solution for our client critical business needs every time.

STS' model of service excellence has provided for timely, cost effective and accurate solutions for large and small clients on a nationwide basis since 2001. At STS we are a leader in the new economy which demands strategic partners who are agile, focused and completely engaged.

STS provides three core solution sets Staffing Solutions, Project Solutions and Managed Solutions.

About STS

Stratus Technology Services, LLC began operations as a spin-off affiliate of UniPath Services, Inc. in January 2001 with the purpose of consolidating company-wide Technology services into a single entity. Since 2001 STS has realized high-level growth and steady profitability by providing Staffing Solutions, Project Solutions and Managed Solutions for businesses on a local, regional and nationwide basis.

STS has provided services for: Fortune 100, mid-market and smaller emerging companies including Financial Services, Pharmaceutical and Global Integrators.

STS Mission Statement

STS' company mission is based upon creating long-term, meaningful partnerships with its clients. This is only achieved by having the RIGHT PEOPLE providing the highest level service excellence and quality.

STS has developed the most efficient and structured processes and procedures implemented by the RIGHT PEOPLE throughout each phase of our solution and services delivery lifecycle, enabling complete client confidence, satisfaction and piece of mind.

Business hours are from 8:30 am till 5:00 pm


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