[CS 1.6, Source, TF2] Game Server MOTD - Message Of The Day

Here's how to edit your MOTD - Message Of The Day file for your game server. You need to login to your game server ftp and find your way to the /cstrike folder for counter strike 1.6 / Source and for tf2 /tf folder. Download the file called MOTD.TXT to your desktop for easy finding.

On the counter strike 1.6, cs:source motd file you will need to delete the lines that are between the
html tags and add your information.

You are playing Counter-Strike v1.6...
On the team fortress 2 motd file all you need to do is delete everything that is there and add your information.

Once you are done editing your message of the day file. You can upload it back to the server. Change the map so you can see the motd file when you reconnect to the server.