To create a server in counter-strike source to play locally with bots. Open Counter-Strike: Source in the game main screen click on "CREATE SERVER" in the left handside menu. When create server window opens in the server tab. Where it says MAP select the map you want the game to start on by selecting it from the drop down menu list. Now to include bots in the game checkmark the box that says "Include CPU players (BOTS) in this game. Then add the #number of bot you want by putting a number in the box where it says "Number of CPU players". You can add as many bots as you like in the game but keep in mind that some maps have player limits. Also keep in mind on how fast is your computer too many bots will make your video game lag.

Now select the dificulty level of the bots by selecting of the following easy, normal, hard or expert.

You can start the server by clicking on the start button right away or you can make more changes to the server by checking out the other tab settings.

In the Games tab you can change give your server a name in hostname. You can also set the amount of max players you want in your cs s server. If you want to make it private you can set a password so that only people with the password can enter the server. Other settings that you can change if you like are win limit, round limit, time per round, freeze time, buy time, start money amount... If you would like friendly fire on you can checkmark the box next it.

In the CPU Player Options tab you can give the bots a clantag or whatever if you like by adding text to the bot name prefix box. You can also set the bots to join the Terrorists / Counter-Terrorists or a Random team by selecting it from the dropdown arrow. If you would like to hear the bots or only use the standard radio commands then you can select it from the dropdown arrow. If you would like to have bots in the server at all times you can uncheck the box that says "Bots join after a player joins" this will leave the bots in the server even there's no human players in the server. If you want the bots to go crazy ( rogue ) you can leave this box checked. You can select what weapons you want the bots to use by checking / unchecking the following weapons available to them pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, rifles, machine guns, grenades, sniper rifles ( scout / awp ).

Once you are done making the neccessary changes to your css game server you can click on the start button.