Email messages disappear from the BlackBerry smartphone

After reading an email message on the BlackBerry smartphone, the email message disappears from the BlackBerry smartphone. The affected email message is located in a folder other than the inbox within IBM Lotus Notes.

  • BlackBerry« Device Software 4.2 and later
  • BlackBerry smartphones
  • IBM« Lotus Notes«

This is a feature of the BlackBerry Device Software as of version 4.2. The Hide Filed Messages option hides email messages that have been filed in a separate folder in IBM Lotus Notes. Once filed email messages are hidden, the messages will disappear from the BlackBerry smartphone.

If the email message is filed, it will appear on the BlackBerry smartphone until the message is read. This email message will still appear in IBM Lotus Notes as it has not been deleted.


To make the affected email messages visible again, complete the following steps:

1.) From the Messages screen on the BlackBerry smartphone, display the menu and select Options.
2.) Select General Options.
3.) Change the Hide Filed Messages field to No.